JOEL BRIGHTMAN  –  Osteopath MOst


In quite a familiar theme for osteopaths, I studied osteopathy after treatment for severe wrist and shoulder pain allowed me to continue with my previous career as a musician and music teacher.


After 4 years study, I graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2012 with a Masters degree in Osteopathy. Since graduating, I attend regular post-graduate professional development courses, whilst maintaining an interest in Visceral Osteopathy, and other ‘gentle technique’ approaches.


My studies on the Traditional Osteopathy Biodynamics Programme are ongoing, and I continue to develop my experience treating horses and other large animals. Osteopathy is amazing because it allows me to transform my desire to help fellow humans (and animals) into action.


As well as general practice, I really enjoy treating children and teenagers, arthritis sufferers, and problems arising from repetitive strain, particularly in musicians.


Outside of work, I love to walk in wild places, sleep outside, and travel. I have a wife and son, drive mules when I can, and I still play unlistenable music on the hurdy-gurdy!