My name is Davide Brady-Picone. I am an Italian Acupuncturist married to an English musician.


I studied the ancient martial art of Bagua for many years, travelling to Thailand to learn with Mantak Chia. My love of martial arts more recently brought me to study Shaolin Kung Fu. Martial Arts, along with my daily zen meditation, keeps me healthy.


In a past life, I completed a degree in Environmental Science. Regretting that I had not pursued my true calling, I did a second degree in Acupuncture at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, with founding teachers John & Angela Hicks, and Peter Mole. I believe CICM to be the finest Chinese Medicine teaching college in the UK, and remain indebted to my teachers for the outstanding academic and practice standards they inspire in their students, and their ongoing dedication to the promotion of acupuncture.


I established my clinic in the moorland town of Chagford in 2012, and have been quietly practicing caring and compassionate one-to-one acupuncture ever since.


I live in Devon with my wife and two teenage children, all of whom keep me very busy indeed…!